How to send Bulk SMS

How to send Bulk SMS -What is Bulk SMS? Bulk SMS means, Bundle of SMS in different quantity like 10k or 1lac etc..

How to send Bulk SMS? The question is, what type of sms you need to send?  Let’s knows the types SMS,  promotional sms, Transactional sms or OTP SMS or API Base sms.

Promotional SMS is type of sms promote your products or services to marketing to reach the information to your clients. One more thing, promotional sms delivered to only non-dnd customers(Trai Guidelines).  DLT Registration is compulsory, click here for New DLT Registration for Free

Promotional SMS

Transactional SMS



Step 1

Find the SMS Service Providers & Check the Plans.

Note: Always price matters, don’t compromised price for service. 

Step 2

Found the right one take the demo panel from the sms service provider.

Note:  Test the sms panel.

Step 3

If you satisfied with SMS Panel. Ask the Credits SMS and payments.

Note: It’s different as per the companies.

Step 4

Let’s knows, sms features.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS, that root send the SMS all numbers dnd and non dnd whatever. This root used for transactional purpose. Generally, this kind of sms used in Banking, e-commerce, and billing software.  


OTP SMS, highly prior sms, used for user and payment verification and confirmation.  


An application programming interface (API) to integrate with your website, e-commerce site and software to send sms via your platforms using API. 



Read the more details about the sms features and services. 

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